Amy Deserves a Girl’s Night Out for some College Football

This is the most exciting time of year for me! Why… Because I am the biggest college football fan! I love this time of year. It is time to shake out the wardrobe and decorations for another season. I have to go all out because I am a huge TEXAS Fan and I live between a Sooner and an AGGIE and did I mention I live in SEC. We have so much fun during football season as a family. We enjoy going to the games and seeing some of the traditions of the schools especially here in the SEC.

StubHub!is running a fun contest for GIRLS to win a VIP fan experience and tickets to a game.

I hope you will wish me luck! I know my close friends all know how much I enjoy college football! We hope to add at least 2 more stadiums to our wall this fall. Here’s picture of me in front of our wall.


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